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Justice Force League falls....

The Blurr, Jul 5, 11 8:12 AM.
I hate to bring you the news guys, but the league has fallen..

I am too tired to fight and bring the league back on her feet. I am sorry guys.. 

A quote by Live Show :
Hurts a bit to see it all go this way, as it definitly feels like the 6 that left,
just took a crap on all of the members, and not just blurr as i think it was intended


By my thoughts thinking back of what happened, I think it was done deliberately by 3 of the 6 intentially.

But what happened happens, It really pains me to see what was created and worked hard for to go down the drain.
As from this bad comes something really good.. Odyssey has made us an offer to join them, no strings attached.

I have checked this out and have discussed the matters with them and believe it or not.. Merging with Odyssey is actually
a very good move. Their community may be very big but everyone is being involved into it and those that need help will get the help they need.
The people in Odyssey are very kind and fun to be with..

But should u wish to stay in the JFL then stay but I am mainly in odyssey, I leave the league alive as a beacon for those that have gone inactive. The website will stay active and so will the ventrilo server.


Knightnurse, Jun 20, 11 8:42 PM.
Has a fellow hero mocked your tights? Another villain stolen your idea for a death ray? Coming soon you’ll be able to teach them a lesson with dueling! So, stay tuned…

That's all I got:)

Villains and PvP

Knightnurse, Jun 18, 11 3:25 AM.
Hey all!

As we all slowly gather our T2 gear and chase those feats, one thing missing is some PvP!!

Hopefully when the MEGASERVERS!!!!!! (scary voice) arrive, legitimate PvP will be easy to come by, however, at the moment queues are LOOOOOONNNNGGGGG.

So, how to combat these long queue times? Why, it's as simple as creating a villain on this server (Reality Lost, just in case:)) and joining the ranks of Injustice Incorporporated.

That way we can PvP amongst ourselves and gather those mMarks, Feats and eventually that sweet, sweet, PvP armour!


Possible Feat Fixes

Knightnurse, Jun 18, 11 3:25 AM.
Found this on Official Forums. may be worth a try.

The feats that are mentor specific are exactly this, if you are not mentored.

You cannot even ENTER these instances without aid.


The Regal Hotel, Star labs (meta only level 15 instance) wearing your survival suit I believe? the Watchtower, destroy the security cameras in Metro university, etc all on villain side cannot be completed.

It is exactly as you state;

They are mentor specific, so you cannot be the 'first' to enter an instance, because in order to actually enter them, you need to get someone to 'let you in'.

The only plausible workaround at the moment, is to form a group of 5, converted into a raid. Have four players enter first, then the fifth enter, which will net the fifth their own instance. The feats are rewarded normally from this.

Really, just open up all the origin only instances at 30 should be easiest fix. Metro University, Regal Hotel, Watchtower, etc.

I have had no other issues with feats since the initial cleanup except these.

PvP Action!!

Knightnurse, Jun 18, 11 3:25 AM.
Hey JFers!

First of all welcome to all the new recruits that have joined over the last few weeks:) Glad to have you aboard.

Secondly, well done to Thursday's Raid group that not only stomped through Batcave 1 but then went on to lay the smack down on Braniacs candy @$$ in Batcave 3!!

And thridly, finally, I just want to make you all aware that we have liased with Luxuria, a dastardly gang of villains on our server to arrange Wednesdday nights as PvP nights. They will be queueing most of the evening from around 6 GMT (British Summer Time:)) looking for PvP opponents.

Be warned, they are fairly expert at PvPing so don't get disheartened if you lose a few matches:) There are easy feats in there to start of with and with all three PvP sets now unlocked, it is well worth PvPing when you can for those Skill points. Each PvP armour set is worth a Skill Point each remember>

If you have any questions, holler for an officer in-game.

Later all, and see you in the sky
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